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AWE Tuning Audi A4 B6/B7 Center Vent Boost Gauge Kit

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As with all our gauge kits, quality and precision of this one are unmatched. Utilizing the center vent as the mount ensures the gauge is readable at a quick glance, even under full acceleration. Factory lighting is matched perfectly, and the vent still allows air to Gow into the passenger compartment. The injection molded black plastic pod, CAD engineered in house, replaces the slats that sit within the factory vent enclosure. This produces a seamless integration with the cockpit.

Black color match and texture are exact. This electrical gauge reads from 0-30 psi of boost, and 30-0 in/hg of vacuum. Our complete kit comes with a Delrin vent pod with UV stabilizer, 45mm boost gauge, all electrical and tubing hookups, and a detailed install sheet. Installation is a breeze and takes ~1.5 hours. 2002-08.5 Audi A4 AWE Center Vent Boost Gauge Kit